Six Directions Photography

My purpose is to create passion for beauty through photography.

Adrian’s love for photography began in the 1970s in the vast landscapes of the American West where road trips on his motorcycle led him through the deserts of California to the peaks of the Rockies. He has also traveled the world photographing people, landscapes and more from Africa, Europe and SE Asia.

Though the years Adrian has combined his eye for visual subtly and his unique perspective to create a collection of images that range from softly contemplative black and white photographs to intensely bold and bright representations of everyday life.

He has lived in many parts of the U.S. and is now a resident of Santa Fe, NM where he continues to draw inspiration from the land, the culture and the people.

A Note from the Artist

While I am not of Native American descent, I greatly admire and respect Native American cultures, history, and beliefs. I have been honored to be invited to photograph Cherokee Pow Wows in Canton, Georgia to document their ceremonies and experience their deep reverence of all things physical and spiritual.


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